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Reporting Technology Problems

When you have a technology problem, report it. If you don't report a problem, it may not get resolved in a timely fashion. Don't assume that someone else has already reported the problem.

Classroom Issues
The technology in the classrooms falls under two different categories, The computers, monitors, keyboard, mouse and software are maintained by ITS. All of the other media equipment (smartboards, projectors, speakers, TVs, VCR/DVD, etc.) are maintained by Instructional Media Services in the Library.

Fortunately you can report all classroom issues with an email to the HelpDesk,The.

If you need immediate help with instructional media call Tom Gill (X-5723).For iImmediate help with a computer issue call the help desk (X- 5440).

Office Issues
The computer and monitor and their software in your office are supported by ITS. Email the HelpDesk to resolve any issues.