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Technology Innovation Workshops 2013

Thursday December 5th, 2013

Time Lab 200 Lab 111 Lab 210  
9:00 Student learning….does the use of technology imbedded in a course matter?
Room Carnegie113    R. Clemente
J. Mueller
SignUp Genius
K. King

Blackboard Basics
B. Sheridan

11:00 Mobile Computing
T. Hammond/ K. Collins/
C. Sutton
  Advanced Blackboard
N. Peterson

12:00 Flipping the Classroom with Blended & Distance Learning Room: Smith Hall
S. Renk, F. Navakas, J. Small & R. Clemente
  Lab 200 Lab 111 Lab 210  

Digital Photography
K. Valentine

Creating audio tutorials with Audacity
J. Kirk

Google Maps / T. Wynard
Filr/ D. McCallough
2:00 Social Media
K. O'Donnell
Creating tutorials with PowerPoint
T. Gill
A. Chubirka
3:00 Bullet-Proofing Excel
M. Gill/ C. Kardaras/   
 M. Martinez
Creating video tutorials with Camtasia
J. Walters/G. Muganda


Spend the day learning something new!

The technology innovation workshops are dedicated to promoting the infusion of digital technologies on campus. Sessions will provide a participant involved introduction to technologies that can be used to enrich your work and personal lives. Each session will focus on a different technology. In most cases, no prior experience with the technology is assumed (see below for more details). Attend as many sessions as your time and interest allow.

Attendance is limited for each session due to the lab restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve a place in the workshops that you wish to attend signup on line at If you have problems registering call Katie (X-5357). Walk-ins will be accommodated on a space available basis. (Staff must get permission from their supervisor to attend.)


Session Information

Rebecca Clemente: Student learning….does the use of technology imbedded in a course matter?

This interactive session will examine technology and its impact – promise, fact, and hype – on student learning.  To prepare for the session please read this resources and bring a comment or a question you want to explore.


S. Renk, F. Navakas, R. Clemente & J. Small: Flipping the Classroom with Blended & Distance Learning

Join colleagues at lunch for a discussion of the future of technology-supported pedagogies and curriculum at North Central College.  What are the opportunities?  In what meaningful ways might we interact with the online environment consistent with our mission and character?  What guiding principles ought to inform our experimentation?


Margaret Gill, Chris Kardaras, Marco V. Martinez: Bullet-Proofing your Excel Spreadsheets

Excel worksheets and workbooks are used in a wide variety of decision-making situations.  Accurate data is essential.  This talk will consider ways to improve the accuracy of data entry, to detect inaccurate data, and to create custom formulas for data manipulation.  Recording macros in Excel and writing custom macros using VBA will be covered.


Ashley Chubirka: Prezi Cloudbased Presentations

Ever feel like your powerpoints are stuck in 1999?  Refresh your presentations with Prezi, the free online, cloud-based presentation and storytelling tool.  Feel free to bring powerpoints that you can upgrade into the Prezi format.


  • A Presi presentation example

  • 3 Steps to a great presentation

Troy Hammand, Karen Collins, Chad Sutton: Mobile Computing

In this session, you will learn how the president integrates technology into his life, see how the AirPlay utility enables you to present materials off of your iOS device straight to the classroom projector. No more tethering yourself to the computer and mouse in the corner. Take charge of your teaching environment.

If you aren't already setup to use NCC_Wireless, or aren't configured to access College email via your mobile device, we will also take you through the steps for configuring these services.

Kevin Valentine: Digital Photography

This hands-on session will teach you basics of digital photography to compose better photos and control your camera, whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera. It will also cover basic digital photo editing in Photoshop like adjusting levels and exposure.


  • Intro to Digital Photography

  • Visual Design Of A Photograph

Dave McCallough: Filr DropBox Alternative

Who needs dropbox? Not North Central College employees. Filr is dropbox synchronized with your NCC network drives. Filr provides access to NCC network drives (F, N and W) from mobile devices (iOS and Android). You can also utilize a windows or mac client to synchronize network drives to your computer. If you prefer a web interface, Filr has a website you can utilize to gain access to your files.


Jon Mueller:

No more need for clickers.  You can poll or quiz your students very easily with this web-based tool.  Students use their cell phones to respond to questions you have presented on the screen in the classroom.  Their responses immediately show up on the screen.  Let's you quiz them, check for understanding, or promote discussion of some concept or idea.

Kathleen King: Online Student Conference Sign-Up Using Sign-Up Genius

Sick of posting sign-up sheets on your door for spring advising? Trying to organize individual student conferences? Learn how to post a schedule of appointments for advisees (or other students) to sign-up online. 

This tool allows you to automatically have a reminder notice sent to the student prior to the meeting, while you are alerted via e-mail each time a student signs-up.   

Bring your calendar and during this session you can set-up your own sign-up that won't need to go "live" until you are ready. 



Tammy Wynard: Google Maps as an Avenue of Plotting and Identifying Connections for Community Collaborations

Students enrolled in HPE 230 Community Health class are divided into county teams and taught how to use Google Maps to research community agencies and plot county level resources. They then present their findings to their peers who evaluate their work related to county demographic data and organization collaboration potential.

How could you use this technology? If you were teaching about the War of the Roses, you might want to plot all of the major battles on a map of England to show proximity & mouseovers display information. Urban studies could plot crime in a city; Art all the galleries in Chicago; Bilogy could use it for population ecology, etc. This easy to use technology's applications are only limited by your imagination.


Kay O'Donnell: Engaging Students w/Socialmedia Tools

Using social networking services such as Storify and ThingLink, students can experiment with different ways to create narratives, tell stories with multimedia elements, and "show their work" via embeds and links. We will also explore the Knight Lab's Timeline tool (interactive timelines in 40 languages).

Brandon Sheridan: Blackboard Basics

Do you use Blackboard to help manage your classroom?  If not, then this may be a great place to get started.  If so, then perhaps you would like a refresher on some of the basic features of Blackboard.  We will discuss using Blackboard to: post readings and other class materials, post assignments, communicate with students, record and calculate grades, and more.  Bring questions!


Nancy Peterson: Advanced Blackboard

Are you making the most of the new Blackboard release? This session will provide a brief overview of the basic use of Blackboard and then we will explore the testing options within Blackboard.  Learn how to create a quiz, homework assignment, or exam that can be automatically graded with the results put into the Blackboard grade center. Not sure if you would use any of these features? You'll never know unless you come and learn.


Tom Gill: Creating Self-playing Presentations with PowerPoint

Add voice-over narration to your PowerPoint slides, set them to play by themselves and you have created a powerpoint 'movie.' Convert it to play w/o powerpoint and you have a learning object that you can make available to your students on the web. If you get excited I can show you how to add interactivity in another session.

Jon Kirkspan: Creating Audio Tutorials

Did you ever need to teach a concept or skill in your class but couldn't afford to spend class time on it? Do you have supplementary material that you'd like to make available to your students. Solution, create an audio or video podcast and put it online for your students to use when they need it. Learn how to create audio with Audacity, a free and easy to use audio editing program. Learn how to use Camtasia, a simple program that will create videos from your computer screen and add audio as you talk about what is going on on the screen.


  • Quick Audacity Overview


Judy Walters, Godfrey Muganda: Creating Camtasia Video Tutorials

What if everything displayed on your computer screen was automatically captured as a video?
That would be great.

What if you could record your voice-over narration on top of the video capture to create awesome tutorials.
That would fantastic.

What if you had a built-in editor to: trim, highlight, add quizzes, zoom in on an area, add another sound track, ... .
That would be empowering.

What is it was all in a single easy to use application?
That would be Camtasia!