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Technology Innovation Workshops 2015

Thursday December 3th, 2015    

Time Lab 200 Lab 210 Lab 211 Lab 111
9:30 Coffee & Conversation


Advanced Blackboard 1

gradebook/ test surveys/ discussion

Protecting Your PC from Hackers
K. Collins

Intermediate Blackboard
B. Sheridan

Data Visualization
K. O'Donnell

10:30    Evernote
T. Flesher CLOSED


Creating a Wordpress Blog
or Website w/o coding
G. Wadhwa

Adv Excel: Pivot Tables
P. Barger
Digital Playpen
T. Gill
(meet in library)

Lunch & Blended & Distance Learning Discussions
Moderator: P. Monaco, Panel: J. Jackson, D. Gray, J. Small, M.McGinley
S. Lureau

CLOSED  ..........( Room: Smith Hall ).......... CLOSED

  Lab 200 Lab 210 Lab 211 Lab 111


Google Tools for Collaboration
J. Brodhead & M. Gill

Social media in a small organization
K. Driscoll (student)


Building & Publishing Your Website on the W drive
C. Kardaras

Explain Everything
B. Sheridan

M. Galasso

 Basic Design w/ InDesign
K. Valentine CLOSED

Advanced Blackboard 2


Lectures, Podcasts,
Soundtracks & Audio Techniques Using Audacity
J. Kirk


Editing the College's Web with Drupal
T. Koch

J. Wells

Social Media- Engage Me
K. O'Donnell
3:30 open

Spend the day learning something new!

The technology innovation workshops are dedicated to promoting the infusion of digital technologies on campus. Sessions will provide a participant involved introduction to technologies that can be used to enrich your work and personal lives. Each session will focus on a different technology. In most cases, no prior experience with the technology is assumed (see below for more details). Attend as many sessions as your time and interest allow.

Attendance is limited for each session due to the lab restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve a place in the workshops that you wish to attend sign-up on line at Workshop Registration (registration is now open). If you have problems registering call Katie (X-5357). Walk-ins will be accommodated on a space available basis. (Staff must get permission from their supervisor to attend.)


Session Information    ( More descriptions coming )

Karen Collins: Securing your computer/ Classroom projection from your tablet

Learn how to better protect your computer from malware and other malicious activities. Find out how to better identify SPAM messages, recognize the symptoms of a malware infection and perform preventative measures to keep your data safe.

Brandon Sheridan: Intermediate Blackboard

Do you use Blackboard to help manage your classroom? If not, then this may be a great place to get started, as we will cover some of the basic functions, including posting materials and managing the Grade Center. If you already use Blackboard, then perhaps you would like a refresher on some of the its basic features, or maybe you want information on more "advanced" topics. Topics may include, but are not limited to: posting assignments, communicating with students, recording and calculating grades, grading assignments, timed quizzes, etc. Bring questions!


Tyler Koch: Editing the College's Web with Drupal

Are your department or student group’s web pages looking a little sad and dated, full of information that use to be true? This hands-on session will walk you through how to edit your pages using North Central College’s Drupal content management system. Learn how to upload documents, insert pictures, create tables, and manage basic web content. We will have access to a training copy of the NCC site so you can play with possibilities. Come ready for a fun and interactive learning experience. Bring some pictures to try out.


Jon Kirk: Podcasts, Soundtracks and Audio Techniques using Audacity

Audacity is a free and open source audio editing program for both Windows and Mac. This workshop will serve as an overview of its capabilities and pedagogical uses. Topics include creating podcasts or audio tutorials related to course content, editing audio samples, recording lectures, generating waveforms, aiding language learning, converting file formats and low-level spectral analysis of audio signals. No experience with audio software necessary.



Chris Kardaras: Building your website

You always wanted your own website but never felt that you knew enough to do it. Fear not. This session will walk you through the process using prebuilt pages that you can easily modify to fit your needs.


Blackboard session 1: Overview of Gradebook, Creating & managing tests & quizzes, Discussions

Blackboard consultant will be remote and the session will be delivered via Collaborate tool (distance education).
Providing an overview and introduction to the following 3 areas below.  (Th Show the high-level features.  Engage in discovery type of discussion with faculty to understand their needs, and how they would like to incorporate future use of these areas into their teaching and learning toolset. (Note this is not a hands on training “how-to” session. )  

·        Grading/Gradebook,    Creating & managing tests & quizzes,    Discussions


Blackboard Session 2: Collaborate

Blackboard consultant will be remote and the session will be delivered via Collaborate tool.

Topics include the review of best practices in regards to the use of Collaborate.  Discuss ways other institutions have made use of Collaborate.  Show the high-level features of Collaborate (this is an overview of the features and not training).  Review various scenarios, possibilities, and benefits of using Collaborate.  Demo the new Collaborate platform with the Ultra experience.  (Note this is not a hands on training “how-to” session.)  


Kevin Valentine: InDesign

Learn the basics of Adobe InDesign the industry standard layout software including, setting the workspace, basic tools and shortcuts. Control Flowing Text, font, alignment; place and resize graphics.  Survey some of the advanced features including Master Pages, Layers, Character Styles and Paragraph Styles. Use this to create the great fliers and brochures for print, PDF or the web.


Tom Gill: Digital playpen.

Jump in the "digital playpen," a hands-on look at the audiovisual equipment Instructional Media has available to faculty, staff, and students. If you're planning future projects requiring images, audio, or video recordings - or if you will require your students to do so, this session will offer everything you need to learn which item is best for your project - how to check out equipment from the library - how to use each device - how to download the files - and how to make them available in your project.  Participants will "play" with digital still cameras, video cameras , voice recorders, goPro cameras, and webcams to create photos, videos, voice recordings, - anything they wish.

Brandon Sheridan: Explain everything.

Explain Everything is an interactive screencasting whiteboard app (, with many potential applications for inside AND outside the classroom. Have you ever tried to explain a complicated concept to a student over email, while wishing they were just sitting in front of you? This app allows you to quickly and elegantly record your audio and visual (of the screen, not of your face) explanation, rather than type out a lengthy, complicated, and (probably) confusing email. If it's a FAQ, then you can reuse it in a future term. If you would like to use device-mirroring, you will also learn how to use this in the classroom -- you can "write" on the whiteboard while walking around the classroom.


Kay O'Donnell: Numbers matter:

We know that in today's world, facts and figures often get buried under the enormous weight of information that flows around us via a variety of platforms and outlets. With more information available than ever before, how do you get the "essence" of that data (or any data) to the audience that needs to know it? Data visualizations can be a solution to provide structure to your figures, form to your data message. We'll look at simple, open-source tools to more complicated systems. 

Kay O'Donnell: Social Media - Engage Me!

Social media is a channel in which to get messages and content to vast audiences. But how do you know when it's working? How do you "strategize" for that perfect combo of likes, shares and comments? Using the NCClinked website and its system of social media channels, we'll look at some hits and misses and learn tips for getting your club, organization or department's messages to a wider crowd.

Peter Barger: Advanced Excel w/ Pivot tables

This session will cover PIVOT TABLE development and the VLOOKUP command to combine data from multiple sheets.  We will start with the basics for those who have never  built a pivot table.  As there is a wide range of applications for both of these commands and a wide range of expertise on campus, please email me with items you want to be sure are covered. 

Linda Miller: Informer Canceled.

A new reporting solution is in the early stages of implementation, as a result the Informer session will not be offered this year.

Datatel has of wealth of information. If only you had an easy way to list your majors, etc. Well the answer is informer.
This session will cover:

  • General Information: Finding a report, File mappings, Report tags, Report descriptions,Scheduling a report
  • Working with report results: Grouping report results. Aggregate options, Analytics features, Charting features, User settings

Kevin Driscoll: Social Media in a Small Organization

Storytelling and analytics drive social media content produced by organizations. But how do small organizations keep up? Kevin Driscoll ’16 will discuss the challenges of managing a social media strategy at a small business, as well campaigns he hopes to streamline based on insights he gained at Chicago’s annual Social Media Week.

Todd Flesher: Evernote

Curious about Evernote? 'Ever' wonder how you could use it for collaboration, note taking, web clipping, tracking, etc., or just wonder what that strange looking elephant is on a green box? We'll explore the basics of using Evernote and it's ability to be accessed from multiple devices, as well as some of its key features. Most of this session will be a Q&A so that you can ask those questions most important to you about the use of the application vs. listening to me drone on for 25 minutes. :) Stop on in!!

Gautam Wadhwa : Creating a Wordpress Blog or Website w/o coding

What if you could learn to make a blog, portfolio, or business website over the weekend? Without prior experience and without writing code.

  • Anyone who wants to create a resume/portfolio website (to display skills, experience, and resume, or showcase past projects and portfolio items)
  • Anyone who wants to create a blog (to accompany a website, Blackboard, or as a personal blog)
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to develop websites in general
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use WordPress to develop websites


A responsive aesthetically pleasing website!

Judy Brodhead: Google tools for collaboration

This session will ... (description not yet available)

Joel Wells: Culliculog

"Proposing a new course or modifying your major?  Come learn some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Curriculog.  Curriculog is a workflow system that clearly identifies what information is expected and directs curricular proposals to the proper individuals for approval.  Existing catalog information can be imported and modified and users can view tracked changes to provide clarity for those involved in the consultation and approval process.  Syllabi or overview documents can be attached and comments can be entered to communicate with others in the workflow.

Michelle Galasso: Spin

SPIN Funding Database
SPIN is an online database that contains more than 40,000 funding opportunities from more than 10,000 foundation, government, and corporate funders. SPIN provides both active searching as well as automated, daily or weekly notifications of funding opportunities, including grants, fellowships, and awards. The database is accessible to all NCC faculty and staff, as well as students searching for graduate school fellowships and awards. Please join me to learn how to create a SPIN user profile, set up automated funding notices based on your preferences, run and save keyword searches, and organize and export search results.

Karen. Collins: Protecting Your PC from Hackers

Learn how to better protect your computer from malware and other malicious activities. Find out how to better identify SPAM messages, recognize the symptoms of a malware infection and perform preventative measures to keep your data safe.

Pam Monaco: Blended and distance learning

Blended and online learning will soon be part of the course options for students and faculty, but there have not been many opportunities for conversation about what these new delivery models could look like at the College. Let's continue the conversation begun during the Fall Faculty Meeting by hearing from faculty who have designed and taught a blended course  and who will open the  discussion about this new mode of teaching and learning at North Central College.