TechDay 2011
Thursday December 1, 2011

Time Lab 200   Lab 211  
9:00 Using the Multimedia Toys at the Library
T. Gill
  Windows 7
K. Collins

Clickers in the Classroom
A. Walker

  Advanced Excel
K. Bonn
11:00 Digital Photography
H. Ekinci
  MS Access
C. Kardaras

Lunch Session - Room 113
Undergraduate Research
N. Peterson / C. St. Clair

  Lab 200   Lab 211  

Advanced Blackboard
J. Bjorklund

  Using YouTube to Enhance Your Classes
D. Phares/Patricia Schacht/M. Fontana/S. Roy

Design Basics
H. Ekinci

  Spicing Up Power Point with Multimedia?
T. Gill

Web Design
S. Renk

  Social Media
H. Shulman

Spend the day learning something new!

Technology Day is dedicated to promoting the infusion of digital technologies on campus. Sessions will provide a participant involved introduction to technologies that can be used to enrich your work and personal lives. Each session will focus on a different technology. In most cases, no prior experience with the technology is assumed (see below for more details). Attend as many sessions as your time and interest allow.

Attendance is limited for each session due to the lab restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve a place in the workshops that you wish to attend by calling Katie (X-5357). Walk-ins will be accommodated on a space available basis. (Staff must get permission from their supervisor to attend.)


9:00 – 9:50

Using the Multimedia Toys at the Library – Tom Gill

Adding photos, audio clips and videos to your presentations is easier than you think. This hands-on session will focus on some of the multimedia "toys" available for check-out at Oesterle Library.  Through the use of digital still cameras, digital voice recorders and flip video cameras, participants will learn how to capture photos, video and audio, transfer them to a computer, and utilize the multimedia files in an assortment of ways. Each participant will have the opportunity to create a short video, an audio clip and a small collection of still images.

Hands-on Introduction to Windows 7 – Karen Collins

If you haven't gotten up to speed with Windows 7 yet, save some time and frustration and attend the hands-on overview of Microsoft's sleekest operating system to date. Filled with new features to enhance productivity and performance, we'll cover ways to streamline tasks you do every day by exploring jump lists, shake, snap, search and more.


10:00 – 10:50

Clickers in the ClassroomAimee Walker

Would you like more feedback from your students as you're giving a lecture? Maybe you're looking for more interactive ways to engage students in discussion? Learn how to use TurningPoint, the college's audience response system, to add an element of interactivity to PowerPoint slides and other software. No previous experience with clickers or TurningPoint required.

Advanced MS Excel 2010– Kristi Bonn

Topics will include importing Excel objects in Word documents; the =VLOOKUP() function; Pivot Tables; and Pivot Charts.  Familiarity with Excel basics will be helpful: creating, opening, and saving workbooks; creating functions using cell-references; graphing. Lab spreadsheet

11:00 - 11:50

Digital PhotographyHale Ekinci

This hands-on session will teach you basics of digital photography to compose better photos and control your camera, whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera. It will also cover basic digital photo editing in Photoshop like adjusting levels and exposure.

MS Access - Chris Kardaras

In this hands-on session, we'll cover some of the basics of working with an Access database.  Topics include:

Some experience with Access would be useful, but it's not a requirement.


12:15 - 12:50 lunch session

Undergraduate Research Database - N. Peterson / C. St. Clair

Grab a lunch and join us for a discussion and demonstration of what is happening in undergraduate research.

Caroline St. Clair & Nancy Peterson will discuss a CSC Master's project that resulted in an Undergraduate Research database and interface.  The database will allow faculty to enter the research projects and presentations of their students.  The institution will then be able to use the data to write grants.  Further, we will be able to highlight the numerous and varied forms of student research done at NCC. If you have students doing undergraduate research or will have in the future, or just want to keep up on the topic, come and join the discussion.


1:00 - 1:50

Advanced Blackboard - Jeff Bjorklund

Are you making the most of the new Blackboard release? This session will provide the opportunity to explore the testing options within Blackboard.  Learn how to create a quiz, homework assignment, or exam that can be automatically graded with the results put into the Blackboard grade center. Not sure if you would use any of these features? You'll never know unless you come and learn.

Using YouTube to Enhance Your Classes - Dee Anna Phares/Patricia Schacht/Marisa Fontana/Sohinee Roy

YouTube has become a cultural phenomenon—serving as a platform for up-and-coming musical artists, individuals who wish to publicize their personal rants, and water skiing squirrels who want to show off their talents. But YouTube is also an ever-growing repository for information, both mundane and mind-blowing, that can enhance and extend the classroom. This round table discussion will explore how disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, and English utilize YouTube while also offering suggestions for using new media across the curriculum.


2:00 - 2:50

Basic Design Principles Hale Ekinci

Do you design brochures, posters, cards, newsletters or want to, even though you have no formal design training? This session will teach you design basics to achieve a visually pleasing design that effectively communicates information in a organized way.

Spicing Up PowerPoint with Multimedia – Tom Gill
Are your PowerPoint presentations dull?  Are you flipping back and forth from your presentation to a video or audio CD? Why not spice them up by adding a little multimedia directly to the presentation.  Learn to add video clips, audio and YouTube videos to your Power Point slides, and have them play within a slide or across them all.  Some familiarity with PowerPoint.


3:00 - 3:50

Basic Web Design Stephen Renk

Building a simple website is fun and easy. All faculty have live webspace on the w: drive. Pages you place there are available on the Internet and can be accessed, by your students, friends and professional community. This session will give you what you need to start taking advantage of the space. References: ITS W drive instructions    Kompozer manual

Social Media Hillary Shulman

Pervasive social media is a relatively new phenomenon that society and research much continually adapt towards. Since the early 90’s communication scholars have tried to understand whether this new medium enhances or hinders our ability to relate to others. During this session, we will discuss how theories of social media have evolved alongside technology, and consider how we can use this knowledge to optimize our online experience.