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TechDay 2012

Thursday November 29th, 2012

Time Lab 200 Lab 111 Lab 210  
9:00 *Advanced Excel
Kristi Bonn
  *Cool Tools - Snagit, etc.
Karen Collins
10:00 *Design Basics
Kevin Valentine
  *Create a Website in 50 minutes? You Bet!
Chris Kardaras
11:00 *Insight
Dave McCallough
  *Clickers in the Classroom
Amee Walker

e-Books Roundtable Smith Hall
Fran. Navakas, Jonathan Pickering

  Lab 200 Lab 111 Lab 211  

*Engaging Students w/Social Media Tools
Kay O'Donnell


*Organize Yourself with Groupwise
Chad Sutton
2:00 *Advanced Blackboard
Nancy Peterson

*Global Connections with Skype
S. Renk , W. Muck,
J. Shindler
*Spicing Up Power Point with Multimedia?
Tom Gill
3:00   *Audio & Video Podcasts
Stephen Renk
*Digital Photography
Tom Gill

Spend the day learning something new!

Technology Day is dedicated to promoting the infusion of digital technologies on campus. Sessions will provide a participant involved introduction to technologies that can be used to enrich your work and personal lives. Each session will focus on a different technology. In most cases, no prior experience with the technology is assumed (see below for more details). Attend as many sessions as your time and interest allow.

Attendance is limited for each session due to the lab restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve a place in the workshops that you wish to attend by calling Katie (X-5357). Walk-ins will be accommodated on a space available basis. (Staff must get permission from their supervisor to attend.)


9:00 – 9:50

Advanced MS Excel 2010– Kristi Bonn

Topics will include the Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and the VLOOKUP() function. Familiarity with Excel basics will be helpful: creating, opening, and saving workbooks; creating functions using cell-references; graphing.

Cool Tools – Karen Collins

Did you ever wonder what some of the applications loaded on your campus computer actually did? This session will provide you some information on using a few handy tools and utilities to make some not-so everyday tasks easier. We'll discuss the screen capture utilities Snag-It and the Snipping tool, CD Creation/Copy utility CDBurner XP, and disk space usage utility WinDirStat.


10:00 – 10:50

Basic Design Principles Kevin Valentine

Do you design brochures, posters, cards, newsletters or want to, even though you have no formal design training? This session will teach you design basics to achieve a visually pleasing design that effectively communicates information in a organized way.

Create a Website in 50 minutes? You Bet! Chris Kardaras

Building a simple website is fun and easy. All faculty have live web space on the campus W: drive. Web pages that you place there are available on the Internet and can be accessed, by your students, friends and professional community. This session will give you a simple website template and what you need to start taking advantage of the space. Bring your ideas and leave with a link to your site.
References: ITS W drive instructions    


11:00 - 11:50

Insight Dave McCallough

If you use the computer labs for classes or will in the future, you need to attend this class and learn about the new Insight software to control the lab environment.

Insight puts you in control of the lab. Using the simple Teacher Console, you can eliminate distractions from surfing the web to online gaming. Sometimes it’s difficult to know that students are actually working on the lesson. Now you can be confident students are on-task thanks to handy monitoring features like the ability to randomly rotate through student screens and project them to the front of the class.

Engaging students has never been easier. Insight promotes interactive learning with broadcasting and sharing features. The built-in chat allows teachers and students to have one-on-one conversations without disrupting the rest of the class. Getting lost students back on track is quick with the remote control features. Planning the perfect learning pace is possible with the testing and voting features that help you gauge student understanding.

Clickers in the ClassroomAimee Walker

Would you like more feedback from your students as you're giving a lecture? Maybe you're looking for more interactive ways to engage students in discussion? Learn how to use TurningPoint Anywhere, the college's audience response system, to add an element of interactivity to your lectures. No previous experience with clickers or TurningPoint required.


12:15 - 12:50 lunch session

eBooks Roundtable - Fran Navakas

Description to follow.

1:00 - 1:50

Engaging Students w/Socialmedia Tools - Kay O'Donnell

The Web is full of free social media tools that can enhance learning, engagement and teaching in a variety of ways. You know about Facebook and Twitter, but what about Soundcloud, Google Hangout, Storify, CoveritLive,, Intersect, or even Written? Kitten! We'll go over what these tools do and then relate them to either general teaching enhancements or discipline-specific class projects.

Organize Yourself with Groupwise - Chad Sutton

Learn to use the calendar system to simplify your life. Go mobile and link your smartphone to email and the calendar. What else can you do with it? This session will cover the following items:

2:00 - 2:50

Advanced Blackboard - Nancy Peterson

Are you making the most of the new Blackboard release? This session will provide a brief overview of the basic use of Blackboard and then we will explore the testing options within Blackboard.  Learn how to create a quiz, homework assignment, or exam that can be automatically graded with the results put into the Blackboard grade center. Not sure if you would use any of these features? You'll never know unless you come and learn.


Global Connections with Skype - Stephen Renk, Jack Shindler, William Muck (special guest Jonathon Kirk - Costa Rica)

Reach out and video chat with someone. Most of you are familiar with Skype, but have you though of using it in the classroom and in your professional life. Attend this session and travel with me to Costa Rica and France. Learn how you can use it to collaborate on projects with colleagues anywhere in the world.

Spicing Up PowerPoint with Multimedia – Tom Gill
Are your PowerPoint presentations dull?  Are you flipping back and forth from your presentation to a video or audio CD? Why not spice them up by adding a little multimedia directly to the presentation.  Learn to add video clips, audio and YouTube videos to your Power Point slides, and have them play within a slide or across them all.  Some familiarity with PowerPoint.


3:00 - 3:50

Audio & Video Podcasting - Stephen Renk

Did you ever need to teach a concept or skill in your class but couldn't afford to spend class time on it? Do you have supplementary material that you'd like to make available to your students. Solution, create an audio or video podcast and put it online for your students to use when they need it. Learn how to create audio with Audacity, a free and easy to use audio editing program. Learn how to use Camtasia, a simple program that will create videos from your computer screen and add audio as you talk about what is going on on the screen. (example: )


Digital PhotographyTom Gill

This hands-on session will teach you basics of digital photography to compose better photos and control your camera, whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera. It will also cover basic digital photo editing in Photoshop like adjusting levels and exposure.