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W: Drive Space

The W: dive is a network storage drive available on campus (similar to you F:drive) This drive is intended to host your personal website. Each faculty member is allocated 100MB of space to create and store personal web pages. Use of this space is subject to Colleges policies.

Once you publish your pages to the W: drive they are available at (substitute your login ID in place of loginID).

Publishing your pages is simple.

1. Create and test your pages on your C:: drive. You can use any package that you like to create your web pages. Kompozer (a web page creation program) is already installed on your computer, but you may use Dreamweaver or any other editing program that you have access to to create your pages. Note: Do not create your pages directly on the W: drive. It is live and any incomplete pages that you have will show up on your website.

2. When your pages are complete you simply copy them to your W: drive. Once you copy the pages to the W:drive they are instantly visible to the whole world.

To copy your pages:

3. Your pages will be available by using the following URL:

Things to remember: